banner_aboutValuePest® was created in 2003 to offer homeowners an alternative to the high cost of termite and pest protection. To fully understand the impact and goals of our company, you must take a look back at our beginnings and the man who has molded our fledgling company into a multi-million dollar corporation.
In 1983, after serving three years in the United States Army, our founder Robert “Bob” Jones began his career in the pest management industry as termite inspector for a regional pest control firm.

Although Bob had no pest control industry experience his “can-do” attitude and thirst for achieving allowed him to advance rapidly up through the company and within just seven months he was promoted to District Manager and placed in charge of the company’s operations for nineteen counties in the northeastern part of North Carolina. During his tenure as District Manager, Bob set new company sales records by selling more new accounts than any other manager in the company’s forty-four offices.

In 1989, Bob noticed that fleas were a huge problem for homeowners in the south and began to look for a better way to deal with the problem. Until that time, the only option pet owners had to rid their homes of fleas was to vacate the premises and hire a pest control company to bomb the house. Pet owners did not like the smells and the aggravation of the whole process. But, the worst part was that because the sprays did not last long enough, the pest control company had to return several times to totally solve the problem. So, after much research Bob created a better, long lasting product and named it, “Flea Stoppers Carpet Powder.” He then established a brand new company called, Flea Stoppers and began selling flea control services to homeowners in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Soon after starting the company, Bob figured out that if you want to find the flea problems you should go to where the pets are, animal hospitals. So he printed up some brochures and began calling on the veterinarians and asking for referrals. It wasn’t long before Bob’s new company was thriving with telephone calls from pet owners seeking a better way to rid their homes of fleas.

One day in 1992, while re-stocking his Flea Stoppers brochures in an animal hospital in Matthews, North Carolina, the receptionist at the front desk told Bob that the Doctor wanted to see him before he left. When the Doctor came out, he told Bob that his Flea Stoppers product worked great and that everyone was raving about it. He ask Bob he could put some of that, “Magical Powder,” in a bottle and let the animal hospital sell it to those who could not afford the in-home service.

Later that summer, Bob purchased a 5,000 square foot manufacturing plant and began to package the product in a “ready-to-use” container. In less than 18 months Flea Stoppers Carpet Powder was being sold nationally through more than 2,000 animal hospitals, pet grooming salons and pet stores. In fact, in 1995 Flea Stoppers Carpet Powder was named one of the top twenty-five most requested products in America by Groomer-to-Groomer magazine.

Product sales were tremendous until 1998 when Bayer®, a huge chemical manufacturer, begin selling the, “flea pill” to the animal hospitals. Bob remembers, “It was just like someone switched off the lights.” The entire flea control market shifted away from do-it-yourself products and the fleas were treated on the pets only. The entire flea part of the pest management business was gone, for good!

Bob began to refocus on the pest management industry and purchased a franchise from a regional company from Florida. In less than two years he grew his new franchised operation to over a million in annual sales.

In 2003, Bob noticed a potential niche market that explode his financial success even more. After a little research, Bob found that homeowners believed they were paying way too much for termite and pest control. They felt that the warranties were not good and many of those surveyed thought that termites were covered under their pest control contracts.

So Bob went to work on developing a better way to solve this homeowner’s problem. Once again in 2003, Bob found the winning formula. He calls it the ValuePest system. The ValuePest system incorporates both termite and pest prevention in one lowcost combination system.

By lowering the initial cost of termite protection to just $399 Bob found that more homeowners could afford it and buy. Instead of selling 5 new clients a month, now Bob was selling hundreds. And, the best part was the client was winning too! They were saving tons and loving it. Homeowners who purchase the ValuePest system don’t have to worry about termites, spiders or any other pest problem. They’re covered under our easy to read and understand pest prevention service agreement. And, there’s no annual fee, unlike our competitors who all charge different fees for pest control and termite warranties, our clients have peace of mind as long as they continue to pay our low quarterly renewal fee. Since that time, ValuePest has awarded over 80 franchises and provides over 15,000 regular services annually in the states of NC, SC, VA, KC, AND MO.

At ValuePest, client satisfaction is very important to us and we solicit client opinions in an effort to improve our service. A large portion of our new clients come from existing client referrals, and many of our clients are repeaters from earlier experiences with ValuePest.
Due to ValuePest’s phenomenal growth, we have a very aggressive recruiting and selection program. ValuePest provides intensive training and development programs to support this substantial growth. ValuePest has detailed training and operating procedure manuals for every level and field position. The company regularly conducts field training and development schools for managers, sales, service technicians and administrative personnel.

These training programs help prepare all of our franchise owners and their employees to better perform their jobs and to achieve the promotion objectives to which they aspire. The size and opportunities of our Company dictates that we constantly identify outstanding employees and move them upward to assume greater career responsibilities.

We are very optimistic about our future because we provide an essential service to the health and welfare of the communities in which we serve. Due to the nature of pests, our only limitation is our ability to attract qualified Independent Franchise Owners to provide superior services for our customer.