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In recent years, ants have become one of the most prolific household pests. They are among the most successful of insects – the most challenging to rid from your home. There are approximately 12,000 ant species known worldwide, but only about 40 are known to reside in the United States. At ValuePest, we know pests so you don't have to. Our premium ant control team has the experience necessary to keep them away from your home.

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What You Need to Know about Ants

Ants are social insects, living in colonies that may house thousands of members. Each colony member has specific duties and responsibilities that ensure the colony’s success.

Ants have a “complete metamorphosis,” which means they have a four-stage life cycle: egg, larva, pupa, and adult.

The types of ants found within colonies are:

  • Workers – The workers of an ant colony spend their day foraging for food, cleaning the colony, and caring for the eggs of the colony members. Workers are often discovered by homeowners when they are observed moving back and forth in a straight line once a food source has been found.

  • Reproductives – Each ant colony has a Queen and other reproductive members. The reproductive members swarm during mating season to create new colonies. Like termites, the males quickly die after mating and the new Queens are left in charge of the new colony development.

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  • Extremely Honest

    “I appreciated his honesty and will be calling to schedule the service next week.”

    - Peter S.
  • Great Customer Service

    “His inspection was thorough and walked us through all steps and precautions we could take.”

    - Simon P.
  • “My ant problem was bad. I couldn't let my kids play in the yard for getting stung. Then I called ValuePest. They came right out and solved the problem for good.”

    - Mary S.
  • The Price of the Service Is Very Reasonable and Affordable

    “I could tell by the way he was treating the outside of our home that this company knows how to provide very good service.”

    - Dianne M.
  • The initial treatment was two years ago. No problems. The yearly inspection is excellent.

    “While they were the best price both for initial treatment and yearly maintenance it was the friendliness and professionalism that sold us.”

    - Larry S.

How We Approach Ant Control

Proper control procedures in and around homes or other structures depend greatly on the species of ant involved. Proper identification is the key to ant control success.

Our professional ant removal process includes:

  • Inspection – The first step in any professional treatment program is inspection. Where are the ants coming from and where are they going to? Where are their nesting sites, food, and moisture sources?

  • Identification – Before you can treat ants, you must know which species of ant you are dealing with because different ant species will react in different ways to treatment.

  • Determination – Once you have identified the ant species you must determine the proper treatment process for that particular species. Which treatments—baits, liquid repellents, or exterior granular applications—will work best for this infestation?

  • Control – Ensuring the correct application of product.

  • Communication – The last part of a successful ant control program is communication. Our technician reports what was found during our inspection, what we did about it and what you can expect from our treatment in the future.

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