Introducing:The Smartest Way to Buy Termite & Pest Control

Before, when people needed a termite or pest control service, they’d shop for it the old fashioned way. They’d spend 2 to 3 hours, calling 5 or 10 pest control companies out of the phone book, before they’d finally get frustrated and give up.

That’s why most homeowners end up paying way too much for termite and pest control. They can’t stand the process of gathering and comparing quotes.

People hate waiting around for 3 or 4 high pressure salesmen to come out to their home so much they end up paying way too much to the first guy that shows up just to end the buying hassles. With a buying process that aggravating, there’s no wonder some companies charge $1,200 to $3,000 for a simple termite treatment. That’s Outrageous!

Here’s A Better Way!

Call With our, “All-Inclusive Termite & Pest Prevention System,”, we take care of every bug that will ever enter your home for about 1/3 of what most companies charge for just termite control. Plus, since we only charge one price, we don’t have to waste your time playing games with high-pressure salesmen.

So you’ve got 2 choices when termites or other bugs attack your home. If you’ve got nothing better to do, spend a couple days calling around, trying to get quotes from pest control salesmen, who will try to scare you into paying way too much or you just call us and save hundreds or even thousands of dollars with our hassle free Termite & Pest Prevention System!

The Guaranteed Solution To Your Home’s Pest Problems specializes in providing fast, friendly and reliable residential termite and pest control services at America’s Guaranteed Lowest Price. Think of us as your very own “friend in the business”–no matter if it’s ants in the kitchen, a mouse in the attic or termites in the crawlspace! We’re just a 5-minute phone call away. No matter what, you’ll get outstanding customer service, guaranteed!

One Tech, One Truck, and One System Saves You 50% on Pest Control

Our exclusive ValuePest System gives you total protection from crawling household insect and rodent pests, including termites, for about what other companies charge for just pest control.

The ValuePest System Creates 6 Defensive Barriers To Protect Your Home From Pests.

We use the latest in mild, but long-lasting materials to set up six defensive barriers around your home to keep bugs out. Because all of these materials are placed out of sight and out of reach, they aren’t exposed to sunlight, detergents from routine housecleaning, or other elements that can cause our treatment to break down. And, our treatment is completely odorless in the home. There’s no doubt about it. The ValuePest System is the most affordable and effective total termite and pest prevention you can buy.